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Under desk treadmill for office & home workout

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Under desk treadmill for office & home workout

Kingsmith WalkingPad was created by a group of professors, sports scientists, mechanical+ electrical engineers, and a product design expert in Chicago. Through extensive research and discussions, we developed the innovative features of WalkingPad with the customer’ s needs in mind. With light sports and light life as the brand concept, WalkingPad provides a convenient solution for the fitness program at the time of fragmentation. We’re willing to help office workers improve and maintain their health through light exercise with beautifully engineered minimalist designed product. By specializing in solutions created uniquely for the home, and workplace, and everywhere in between, WalkingPad is helping to empower individuals to find better health regardless of the setting. With WalkingPad exercise equipment, you’re free from the sedentary lifestyle. In 2016, Kingsmith joined the Xiaomi Ecological Chain System and became a member of the Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise. Meanwhile, WalkingPad was created. In 2018, WalkingPad got trusted by over 100,000 customers in China. In 2019, WalkingPad became the winner of China Fitness Equipment Industry Innovation Award; German IF Design Award and RedDot Design Award. Super Space-saving A Truly Foldable Treadmill That Takes 90% Less Space. WalkingPad R1 Pro can be easily folded up for compact and simple storage. Big Goal For Health Superior Foldable Design; Dual-mode Exercise Machine; Best Option For Both Running and Walking. Light, Ultra-thin & Quiet Lightweight, strong construction. Fold up this walking treadmill and put it under your bed (occupied area 0.44㎡). Quiet for workplace & home. Unique Foldable Design The integrated aluminum alloy material is used as the skeleton structure for greater durability and stability. No worries about the noises when running on the machine, and the stability as well as the durability would offer you the great feeling of exercising. 180-degree folding, greatly reducing the occupied area. It can be stored upright. Handrail Added Telescopic handrail to protect the users on running mode. When the handrail is vertical, the speed can go up to 10km/h. When the handrail is horizontal, the speed can only go up to 6km/h. Activity tracking You can use the remote or the KS Fit APP to control the speed. Walking Time, Speed, Steps, and Calories tracking data display. Two modes for monitoring the speed: “A” for Automatic, “M” for Manual. Office exercises Does your back hurt after 3 hours behind the monitor? Enjoy perfect walking and working experience with R1 Pro walking mode. And simply put it beside your desk when not in use.

Severin Hoch PM minotrade

" Finally I decide to go running now and it’s raining? No kidding!” Do it at home! Never let the weather ruin your exercising mood. The WalkingPad R1 Pro allows you to have a better experience if you just want to stay home. Enjoy your exciting drama while exercising, And It doesn’t take any big space. "

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If you bought the product from minotrade, you can use the official after service center in Switzerland: Sertronics AG

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minotrade is offering a warranty for each product which has been bought from minotrade starting from 2 years up to 5 years depending on the device.

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