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At minotrade, we are passionate about and believe in technology and the possibilities it offer. But we know that technology alone does not create value. There is always a need for people with knowledge, who can understand needs and offer the solutions that genuinely provide benefits.

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core values

Our core values

Keep it simple
We keep things simple no matter the task at hand. We roll up our sleeves and get things done. A challenge might be complex, but we always try to find the best way of solving it. We take responsibility and keep processes simple since it’s the most efficient way of sticking to them. We see things as they are and say it as it is – to each other, our customers and partners. No fancy words needed. Our business model is just as simple. This is how we have always been, and should be even as our organization grows. This, to promote speed and action and to avoid bureaucracy. Keeping it simple makes life easier.

Strive to improve
Our business is defined by the changing customer needs and behaviors. And what defines a good customer experience, changes all the time. To stay competitive, we continuously adapt to these demands. We drive the change in our entire industry. We never lean back. We stay curious. We iterate our offering and our way of working. We coach our customers and offer them perspectives, products and services that improve their businesses. We take action before a problem occurs. We learn from our mistakes. We make sure things work. This constant improvement is part of our DNA.

Challenge all cost
We are smart and responsible in using our money. We use our resources efficiently. We standardize and negotiate to give our customers the best deal. By matching our customers needs with the right products and services, they never pay more than needed. Costconsciousness is not about being cheap. We invest in things that develop ourselves, our business and that saves money in the long run. It’s about being progressive and finding new ways. We have a long-term perspective – both on our own, and our customers’ businesses. We have the courage to challenge ourselves, to challenge all costs.

Live up to promises
As courageous pioneers in e-commerce we are experts in providing the right IT products and services, to the right customer and user. At the right time. At the right price. This sits at the heart of our culture and way of working. We honor our promises to each other, our partners and customers. We never promise what we can’t keep. We take full responsibility and never put the blame on anyone else. To us, a promise is a promise. This is what it takes to keep our customers moving forward in the right direction.

Win as a team
Collaboration is the way to winning. It’s by collaborating closely with our partners we can offer the best products and services. It’s by working together with our customers we can give them long-term value. But most importantly, this team spirit signifies our own way of working. We lead with clarity. We set common goals. We empower each other and act as one company – no matter role, department or market. We avoid silo thinking for the benefit of the whole. Each individual is just as important for the team. We encourage diversity and treat everyone equally. We respect each other’s opinions. Different perspectives makes us win. As a team.

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